IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation Karlsruhe,
im Kongresszentrum
May 6 – 10, 2013

Opening End
Opening Feuerwerk


Das Forum „Robotics Meets the Humanities“ verfolgte ich nur in der letzten Stunde.
Wie das so ist, wenn ein Laie englscihsprechnenden internationalen Experten lauscht,
ist es nicht einfach einem Thema zu folgen.

Hier ein paar englische Bruchstücke die ich interessant fand als „poetischer Beitrag“ zu verstehen.
Im Cutstyle aus dem Gespräch willkürlich herausgehört und aneinandergesetzt,
ohne Anspruch auf Wahrheit oder Weisheit:

What is human? The Roboter do not know.
Complex Systems are not predictable.
Can we trust machines?
There is a danger, there is no doubt.
Visual Elements are the most important thing.
When you are able to visualize something, you are able to achieve it.
Everything we can visualize could become real.
Science Fiction can not predict the future.
We all create future, every day. What ist our aim?
Recreate the human, is that the aim?
Interacting is a 2-Way process.
Clean-, Medical- and Rescuerobots are not discussed controvers in mass media.
How want we live in 20 Years?
What is when Roboters become competent to judge?
That is the next thing? Moral or political decisions by roboters?
We do not mind.
In Chess it is possible now, why not in other fields?
Roboter are neutral and objective to judge.

My Opinion:
Robots, and I think already the steam engine was a kind of robot,  offer the chance to give mankind prosperity.
Robotmachines accelerate the production of products and especially the distribution.
There were never so many goods available for mankind. The task is to distribute to all.

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